Behaviour Counselling

Best Behaviour School for Dogs is based in Sevenoaks and covers most of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and South East London, we offer dog training that will solve your dog's behaviour problems. Call Pippa or Suzy for a chat to discuss your needs or keep reading to find out more...


Pippa Ducat, founder of Best Behaviour School for Dogs in 2004, is a fully qualified Animal Behaviourist with post graduate qualifications in Animal Behaviour and Psychology. Combining many years experience studying domestic and wild animal behaviour both at home and abroad. She is able to offer professional solutions to canine behavioural problems.

Suzy Gallagher joined Best Behaviour School For Dogs in 2013. With first class honours in Psychology she has a particular interest in the behaviourist approach informed by animal studies relating to dogs and other animals.

Best Behaviour School for Dogs has been successfully supporting the relationship between dog and owner for over a decade and continues to flourish. Using Best Behaviour School for Dogs you do not need to choose between tolerating undesirable behaviour or parting with your beloved pet. By addressing the balance of communication in a household and eliminating confusion, most cases are curable.

Best Behaviour is the preferred behaviourist for 8 veterinary practices throughout Kent. We have also worked with Medical Detection Dogs, a charity which trains specialist dogs to detect human disease. Medical Assistance dogs alert to odour changes enabling people to live with complex medical conditions such as diabetes.

We also consult local councils regarding dangerous dog incidences, are employed by fostering agencies to temperament assess dogs owned by prospective carers, lecture at a variety of universities on Animal Behaviour and are the first port of call for Kent and London based Media to discuss topical dog related issues.

As each behavioural problem is unique, our consultations are structured around your dog's individual training requirements. We carry out home visits lasting 2-3 hours and recommend that all household members are present. We charge a one-off fee to visit the home and provide follow up support as needed.


Behavioural Problems

Canine language is a hugely diverse, visual language, where dogs are able to communicate with each other irrespective of breed. Dogs converse using body language honed to the subtlest of glances and it is in this language that they are trying to communicate with us. By misinterpreting their behaviour or punishing them for behaviours that we don't understand, dogs may develop behavioural problems or behave in a way that owners don't find acceptable.

Miscommunication is often the result of the level of attachment or emotional bond projected by the owner towards the dog. This can lead to stress and anxiety for your pet, which may cause them to get so desperate or frustrated that they become stressed, nervous or aggressive as a result.

Dogs display a vast array of behaviours. Many of these are natural behaviours (although considered inappropriate by the owner) such as barking, soiling or mounting. I also deal with problematic behaviours such as nervousness, aggression, over-licking, phobia or obsessive behaviour. Often these behaviours initially start as being 'slightly amusing' but develop into traits that later require counter-conditioning.