Buying a Puppy

Once the decision has been made to have a puppy, consideration must be given to the breed that best suits your lifestyle.

Dogs come in hundreds of shapes, sizes and personalities and choosing the best one for you is the first step to securing a happy long-term relationship. The choice of breed depends on what you require of the dog. Is the puppy intended to be a working dog, protector or companion? Consideration should then be given to the requirements of the breed such as preferred levels or exercise, space, company and interactions with other dogs.

Once the breed has been chosen you need to find your puppy. This can be done through newspapers, advertisements at pet shops or veterinary practices, animal welfare shelters or, most commonly, breeders. Going to a certified Kennel Club breeder provides a high level of security, precautions should be taken when looking at puppies from other breeders:

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