Sevenoaks Indoor Junior Classes

Next Class starts on Monday 7th June 10.45-11.45am & 12-1pm, held at Ightham Village Hall

Suzy from Best Behaviour runs our indoor junior class covering intermediate training, such as:

  • Asking your dog to perform commands at a distance
  • Heel work
  • Clicker work
  • Waiting and recalling with distractions
  • Tricks and games

We will show you techniques to get your dog focusing and responding to you for heelwork and recall within the vicinity of other dogs. 

There are only approximately 6/8 pups in each class so they receive lots of individual attention. The classes are held at Ightham Village Hall.

Please bring some treats that your pup enjoys.

It is a 5 week course and costs £100.

Please scroll through the calendar and select the date and time of the class to book on.

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Terms & Conditions 

  • Any injury to dog or owner is not the responsibility of Best Behaviour.
  • Appropriately vaccinated: minimum of 1st vaccination for indoor sessions, fully vaccinated for junior and outdoor sessions.
  • I Agree to pay by bank transfer or cash on or by the first session.
  • Non-refundable payment if can’t attend any sessions once paid.

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Contact our behaviour consultants Pippa and Suzy for more information or book Puppy Training Classes

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