Megan Dickson

I am thrilled to be a part of the Best Behaviour team. My first experience with them was in 2013 during the work placement element of my Animal Management BSc from University of Greenwich.

I was instantly attracted to the care and attention Pippa and the whole team put into their work. This really helped me understand how I could apply the theoretical knowledge gained in my degree.

When my degree ended, I parted ways with the Best Behaviour team to have my two beautiful boys. Now they are a little more grown, I have been lucky enough to rejoin the team and I always look forward to not only utilising the skills I have, but adding to my understanding of both people and dogs with every consultation. I run exercise sessions and 1-to-1 consultations. I enjoy seeing the dogs interacting with each other and their owners.

Megan offers personal training consultations in Folkestone, Hythe, Ashford and surrounding villages. 

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Contact our behaviour consultant Pippa for more information or book some behaviour counselling.

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