Suzy Gallagher

I have a BSc in Psychology and joined Best Behaviour School for Dogs as a dog behaviourist in 2013. I have two young children and have owned dogs for a number of years.

Whilst studying for my degree, I developed an interest in the behaviourist paradigm, looking at learned rather than innate behaviour. For almost a century, psychologists have taught dogs, rats and pigeons to display specific behaviours using positive reinforcement and rewards.

I decided to pursue my interest in this area and look at the relationship between dogs and their owners. I know how wonderful, but sometimes stressful, it can be introducing a dog into a family, particularly one with young children – it’s not always the dream we hoped for! 

I love helping people train their dogs to resolve any behavioural issues they may have. This enables the whole family to enjoy having a well behaved dog.

Suzy offers personal training consultations and training classes in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Maidstone and surrounding villages. 

Suzy - Dog behaviourist


Contact our behaviour consultant Pippa for more information or book some behaviour counselling.

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