Bringing a Puppy Home

Preparation is essential when bringing your puppy home. If possible, an old blanket or piece of your clothing should be given to the breeder once you have decided on your puppy.

When you collect your puppy, it should be bought home in this piece of material and used to line the dog’s bed. This will provide some security with the smell of both you and their
mother and littermates.

  • Puppies should be between 8 weeks old when you collect them from the breeders. This allows them to be weened properly and to learn essential dog behaviour from mum such as bite inhibition.
  • Chose a suitable bed and area where the bed is kept. It is important for the puppy to
    know that they have an area or “den” which can be considered safe and their own. Make sure this is not near a door that could be draughty. Build positive associations with this area in the day using treats.
  • Have a large cuddly toy which you only put in the bed/crate at night time. This will act as company for your pup in the absence of mum and littermates. By only giving it at night time it will be of more comfort to your puppy. 
  • You can also buy heart beat toys or special dog hot water bottles to help calm them overnight for these first few weeks.
  • Keep your puppy on the same diet the puppy received from the breeder. This will help to minimise the changes as much as possible.
  • If the puppy has been used to a busy environment leave a radio on overnight to
    provide company.
  • Examine your home looking for anything within reach that the puppy might chew. Be
    especially vigilant with electric flexes, puppy proofing may take a while but it is
    essential for their and your safety.
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