Meridian TV Spotlights Our ‘Prevent Dog Bites in Children’ Drive

Preventing Dog Bites with Children: A Crucial Initiative

The pandemic saw a significant rise in the UK’s dog population, bringing to light the urgent need to teach children safe interactions with our four-legged companions.

Why Meridian TV Chose Best Behaviour School For Dogs

Meridian TV recognised our dedication and reached out to highlight the Best Behaviour School for Dogs in their initiative towards “preventing dog bites with children.

Video Credit ITV News

Pippa’s Expertise on the Subject

In the recent Meridian TV feature, our esteemed founder, Pippa Apps, drew attention to a concerning statistic. “Last year witnessed 1,700 children being hospitalised due to dog bites,” she mentioned. This underscores the dire need to bridge the knowledge gap about safe dog interactions among children.

Key Tips for Safety:

  • Educating on Boundaries: Essential for children to know when not to approach or disturb dogs.
  • The Right Way to Approach: Slow, calm, and always allowing the dog to initiate can be pivotal.
  • Reading the Signs: A comprehensive understanding of dog body language can prevent unforeseen incidents.
  • Promote Safe Play: Steering children towards gentle games can make a world of difference.

A Plea to Schools, Children’s Groups and Clubs

We are eager to expand our reach and empower more children with this vital knowledge. If your institution wishes to collaborate on this initiative, reach out, and let’s make our communities safer together.


Our commitment remains strong – fostering safer, more informed human-canine relationships for the well-being of our community.

Meridian TV Spotlights Our ‘Prevent Dog Bites in Children’ Drive
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