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Our Online Dog Trainers are fully qualified with the CFBA which is the highest accredited governing body in the UK recognised by insurance companies and vets

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Behaviourist Consultant at Best Behaviour School for Dogs


Behaviourist Consultant at Best Behaviour School for Dogs

Get help with the best online dog training school

Get your dog's recall perfected in minutes

Transform your relationship with your furry friend into a partnership of trust and understanding.

Enjoy walking your dog without any pulling or misbehaviour.

How to get your dog to stop pulling on the lead

Learn how to stop your dog from pulling on the lead and spend time bonding with your dog in a fun, positive way.

Get your dog to obey basic commands. 

Stop your dog jumping up

Reduce the amount of times your dog jumps up on people and  make visitors to your home feel comfortable and welcomed.

Stop feeling frustrated with your dog.

How to control barking

Learn how to stop your dog from barking with our dedicated Barking online programme.

Get rid of Dogs’ anxiety, stress And Fear and Stop your neighbours from complaining about the noise of your pet.

Online Puppy Training Programme

Our Puppy Training Programme will help you housebreak your puppy in record time.

You will be able to better control your puppy and have a well-behaved pet.

Play Video about Puppy well behaved

'They are pretty exceptional and that's what makes people go back to them is there then their approach is very easygoing. They're very accepting and for me, whether that's online person to person on the phone, that's what makes them the go to place for anything.

Christine Tullet

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Did you know that learning from others can be beneficial. Every member gets their own profile and if you are interested in a certain area like puppies then feel free to chat with other members!


Earn points as you learn. We use industru leading software to make your online dog training journey a breeze and emjoyable.


Join groups that mean something to you. Is barking driving you mad. Find out what has worked for others. Maybe you want to treat your puppy to a present but need some inspiration.

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Join our membership and get to know other dog owners. We aim to be a community for dog lovers and allow all of us to learn and grow together. There are also member perks such as discounts and prizes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We all start somewhere. We welcome all levels so you’ll feel right at home in our community.

We have over 30 years combined experience and you will learn techniques that will help you and your dog live better life.

Yes we have a specific course for this which will be released soon. Join our waitlist here: Join our Waitlist 

We know that your dog is an invaluable part of the family but sometimes just does not behave in the way you would expect. Thats where our proffesional expert methods will come in and train you to become an effective communicator with your dog.

It depends on whether you bought the course or a bought membership. With a membership (launching later) you will have access to all courses as long as you are in subscription. If you bought the class outright you will have access for life.